Top Small Towns in the U.S.  |   June 11, 2015

Many home owners are moving to small towns instead of big cities, but affordability isn't the only reason.

The "Top 100 Best Small Towns" list released recently by, features towns in 35 states with populations ranging between 1,000 and 20,000 that boast strong communities and a wide variety of amenities. To compile the list, looked at more than 12,000 small towns and analyzed various factors, including demographics, real estate and health care to social and civic capital.

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"America was built on small towns. Regardless of whether these cities and towns are suburbs of major metros, or hamlets unto themselves, they have great character and are great places to live," says Matt Carmichael, Livability editor.

Lebanon, N.H., for example, is number one on the list, even though it's the smallest town in the state with a population of 13,367. ranked it as the top town due to its affordable housing options, visual appeal, civic engagement, high-tech companies, and outdoor entertainment.

Other small towns that made the list are known for their outdoor appeal, such as Hood River, Ore., whereas towns like Mount Kisco, N.Y. have a wide range of real estate options from historic homes to large estates.

Whether the small towns listed are in rural areas or suburbs, each one not only holds great character but also has the same amenities that larger cities offer, which makes these small towns so appealing to home owners.

Here are the Top 10 most livable small towns from

  1. Lebanon, N.H.
    Population: 13,367
  2. Los Alamos, N.M.
    Population: 12,068
  3. Durango, Co.
    Population: 17,145
  4. St. Augustine, Fla.
    Population: 13,271
  5. Bar Harbor, Maine
    Population: 2,427
  6. Louisville, Co.
    Population: 18,831
  7. Hood River, Ore.
    Population: 7,214
  8. Spearfish, S.D.
    Population: 10,690
  9. Sebastopol, Calif.
    Population: 7,469
  10. Port Angeles, Wash.
    Population: 19,099