Home Automation, Robots Debuting at CES

Tim Bajarin   |   January 2, 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show will take over Las Vegas next week, where the latest innovations will be revealed, giving a glimpse into the next evolution of our technical world.

What’s predicted to be hot for homes at CES this year? Fully automated dwellings, 4K TVs, and consumer robotics, according to Time Magazine’s seven hottest trends list.

More home trends in 2015:

Home owners will have more control over their dwellings from their smartphones with products such as smart locks, connected light bulbs and thermostats, even “beds that gather data about how well you sleep,” says Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, Inc.

Robots are poised to take care of more household chores too. You’ve probably seen iRobot’s Roomba at work, but new robots for the home on display at CES will include servants that clean up after pets or wash windows, Bajarin writes.

Meanwhile, 4K televisions – with four times the display resolution as today’s HD TVs – are the next big thing in home entertainment systems debuting at CES. Barjarin says more than 100 different 4K TV models will be at this year’s show, and possibly a few 8K TVs as well.

Source: Time Magazine: The 7 Hottest Trends We’ll See at This Year’s CES