Decor that Adds Value to Homes

Katie Laird is the Director of Social Marketing for Blinds.c  |   June 15, 2017

A home's price is based on many factors that can’t be changed, such as location, square footage, and age. While these fixed factors may seem like an end-all-be-all, you can present your client’s home in other ways that may add perceived value for buyers. A full overhaul or shiny new kitchen are not the only options — choosing the right home decor can go a long way in bringing buyers. Here's a look at some top accessories and decor choices that are easy to snag and that just might help your clients reach that perfect selling price. Storage Ask any designer: Decluttering a home is one of the most effective ways to get it off the market and into the hands of a buyer. A cluttered, messy, cramped space can instantly detract potential home buyers. After all, how can they visualize their family in this new home when all they can picture are piles of junk and countertops filled with toiletries? Clutter may also send the message that the home does not provide enough room for the buyer’s needs. Show buyers that your client’s home offers plenty of space for all of their belongings. External storage, like a pretty chest, a shelving unit, or an armoire is a great way to add a decorative element while allowing more room to store paperwork, movies, linens, desk supplies and other unattractive items that don’t add to the space. Internal storage, like decorative metal bins or wicker baskets, are perfect for decluttering bathroom cabinets and closets where buyers may sneak a peek. Now you can present a more airy feel and cleaner sight lines in the home. Window treatments Whether it was in our first college apartment or an old family vacation rental, we’ve all experienced just how uncomfortable it is to be in a space with dusty, weathered, outdated window treatments. Next to decluttering, window treatments can make a big difference in breathing new life into a home. The right window treatments can highlight and complement the home’s best features — from its natural light to backyard views — and can offer the top selling points of built-in privacy and improved energy efficiency (high on the list of many potential buyers). Advise your client to replace broken and outdated blinds with new blinds, cellular shades or roman shades. They’re easy to install, and with a wide variety of finishes available, they’re a versatile and functional choice. Drapes are also a quick fix, especially in living and dining rooms. They add vertical interest and cohesiveness to a room, showing buyers a refined space. Accessories It’s important to make the home appealing and cozy to visitors, but with a polished look that gives buyers something to aspire to. Replace any well-loved duvet covers, bath towels, rugs, pillows or throws with fresh ones. Swap out overstuffed bookcases with carefully placed books, baubles, and a piece of art or two. Tuck away stacks of old magazines and remotes, and adorn tables with a chic tray and a few coffee table books. It’s all about introducing fun yet neutral accessories that add to the overall theme of the house without filling the space with too much clutter. Show buyers how their new home could be a showpiece, and it’s sure to add to their perceived value.

Source: Realtor Magazine Online